Bed Bug Exterminators in Southern Ontario


A lot of people find themselves in a predicament with moving out if they are infested with bed bugs. The only solution has been to discard almost all furniture and clothing – or risk taking the problem with you. Bed Bugs & Purification has the right solution!

We can kill bed bugs while on the move. We will pick up your infested furniture in our Bed Bugs & Purification Mobile Trailer and bring it to our treatment facility where we treat your belongings through the night and return your furniture the next day. Manitoba housing has implemented this system for all Winnipeg inter-cities in the last 2 years and the city's fight with bed bugs  has been quite successful with the help of this treatment.

To make the service work, we arrange a drop off schedule and location for our treatment trailer. Our bed bug mobile heat treatment trailers are approximately 25 feet long and require some parking space. We also need to arrange a time when we can park the trailer on the street legally – as sometimes, streets have parking time limits through the day or evening. It's best if you have a large driveway. Because our trailer is 25 feet long, we can fit a large quantity of furniture but it will not be sufficient for a large 4 bedroom house with complete furniture in each room.

If you do have a large home with a lot of furniture, you will have to book a 2 night treatment to ensure that your bed bug infestation is treated properly. Once all furniture is loaded to the trailer, we will haul the heat treatment trailer to our Bed Bugs & Purification storage facility and connect up to our heat treatment machines. The  heat treatment will heat your furniture to about 145 degrees for about 8 to 10 hours overnight, and, once done, we will then deliver your belongings at the place or location of your choosing.

Call today for the bed bug industries' best price and service for Mobile Heat Treatment !

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Bed Bugs & Purification offers the best solution for Bed Bugs problems. Call us now and book in advance as we are usually booked weeks in advance, especially during moving season. A deposit of $250 will be needed to book our exceptional service.